Inprovement of Advanced Optical Fiber Cleaver

Key requirements for good cleave quality are optimal blade intrusion and flaw size. To meet these requirements, it is necessary to decrease the duration of contact between the blade and the fiber.

For the old model cleaver, optical fibers are cleaved by the blade that moves in a direction perpendicular to the axis of fiber. The blade is pushed forward deep into the fiber, which is kept bent until it finally breaks. This causes a large cleave angle.

CT-101 / CT-102 use a reciprocating blade that gradually comes close to the fiber and allows multiple times of contact with it. This decreases the duration of the contact between the optical fiber and the blade with the aid of reciprocating blade. This also improves the blade life. In addition, Fujikura improved the clamping mechanism of the fiber and then succeeded in giving good cleaving performance

Figure shows superior cleave angles of 80 μm, 125 μm and 250 μm optical fibers cut with CT-101 / CT-102.


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